Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Bumper Shims

I didn't really know what to call them, only that they were done - as in, put a fork in them, they're cooked.  The rubber pieces that hold the bumper wings to the car had cracked and been oversprayed, abused, and neglected for forty-odd years so it was time to seek replacements.

 1) One of the old ones on the car

As usual the good folks at La Jolla Independent had a good story about these items. It seems that the original pieces were white and stored (by BMW) in little bags of water. They said when they ordered the last of the NOS shims, they crumbled to dust when taken from their protective sacks.  Sounds reasonable to me. 

At the end of the day the rubbers from the 2002 work just as well, they concluded, and so they sent me two new pieces, or at least NOS because the bag they came in looked pretty old.

2) The new rubbers

I removed the old shims easily, if clumsily.  Upon closer inspection I decided they didn't even deserve a formal burial.  They appeared to be 2002 vintage as well, but who knows...

3) Enough said

A few minutes later the new items were installed.

4) Voila! 

The cat plopped himself on my desk to watch me write this ditty and the project came to its natural point of completion.

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