Tuesday, April 19, 2011

At last! The Hazard Light Swtich is Installed

 Of course, I have no idea how to wire it in to the turn signal relay and BMW helpfully never showed how to do so in their wiring diagrams.  There must have been a service bulletin in 1967 when these switches were first used in the USA-only cars.  But my car has no loose wires with which to hook up that cute red switch. The button even has a tiny light bulb in it so it glows red in the dark, as if there's an automotive red-light district above the pedals.

1) The red hazard light switch (under the dash to the left of the odometer reset button)

2) Nowhere to connect

The only wiring diagram I have found is from a 1967 2000 Tilux.


3) The owners manual USA-version wiring diagram - '67 Tilux. It even shows the weird 9-prong turn signal relay (#47) which I had already installed in my car (see the relevant post on this blog).  The Tilux and the base model were supposed have been wired identically except for a couple of options on the former that the regular 2000 did not have

The diagram shows the switch (#25) as having 3 prongs, not the 6-prong version that I am told is the correct one.  Interestingly, there was a switch in my car - a non-automotive metal job - that had 3 prongs and was located where the hazard light switch rests. It reminds me of a button from an old stove and has been detrafficked to the garbage container in my garage.

4) The old set-up with the metal switch (visible at center-left between the wheel and the horn ring)

EDIT 10.2014:

The hazard lights work!  Turned out that the 3-prong version was the correct one after all. So 3 of the prongs on the new switch remain unused but the switch itself functions perfectly.

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