Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Ready for Winter: The Kűhlerschutzhaube

It's been cold this year in Seattle, no doubt about it.  That's one reason I jumped at the chance to order a small item from Germany, NOS, that is purported to help the engine warm faster in freezing temperatures.

1) A crumbling piece of paper reveals the provenance of the Kűhlerschutzhaube as a genuine BMW accessory

The package was thoughtfully delivered by the post office yesterday to my neighbor, despite being correctly addressed.  Luckily she humored me and hand it over this morning (her husband owned a Bavaria for some years).

Anyway, the theory holds that by blocking cold air from entering through the grill in winter-time, the motor and therefore the entire car will heat faster.  I quickly installed the protection hood to see how it looks. Most cool.

The pieces attach to the grills via spring-loaded hooks.  You push in the hooks, twist them around the back of the slats to catch, and then release. The fit seems tight but adjustment will be necessary to get everything snug.Typically for BMW each piece is slightly different so you have to figure out which bit goes where.

Once I do that I'll mark them with a felt pen so I only have to go through this process once.

2) First time on the car; the kidney pieces are upside down and reversed - oops

Then I will be ready for the blizzards and travails of January in Puget Sound.  And the car will have yet another conversation piece attached (these hoods must be really rare).

3) The next morning. A tighter fit with the kidney grill hoods correctly positioned

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