The NK 2000 Project

The NK 2000 Project

Thursday, July 24, 2014

The B-Pillar Interior Trim

Ever since I took possesion of the car, the left side B-Pillar trim had a crack right through it, very obvious and plain to see. My theory is that - well, I haven't the slightest idea why this happened. I never photograhed the defect because it detracted from the nice conditon of the rest of the car. But here it is, after I removed the trim from the car. Oddly, both sides popped right out.  Seldom on an NK does any part just snap off easily; usually each item is attached to several others, requiring complicated disassembly. But not this time.

Except for a msyterious piece of masking tape on each side of the car, underneath the trim the metal was clean and rust-free.

I had bought from Germany two used trim pieces, with a view to replacing both. Because they were black, they had to be painted to match. Luckily I found a version of Rustoleum spray paint that was an identical match, nearly.

I painted the trim on the floor of the garage on a wet, rainy day. The pieces took forever to dry.

What was really astonishing was how close the color match proved to be. I moved the newly painted pieces to the hood of the car and placed one of the old pieces beside them for comparision.

The original part from the car is on the left in the above photo. The newly-painted pieces look glossier because they are still damp.

Lastly, I noticed that the bolts that hold the seat belt in place had once been painted also, whether or not in the factory I had no way of knowing. But I decided to repaint them, too.

I had to wait about eight hours for the paint to dry sufficiently to put the new trim back in the car. The project was a great success, approved by all concerned.

Toward the bottom on this side was where the old trim piece had cracked in half. Now gone, vansished without a trace!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Slowly Sorting Interior Colours

I saw a tip on the FAQ forum from a woman who makes high-quality upholstery and carpets, about a company that faithfully reproduces BMW interior vinyl colours. So I ordered a small bottle of black paint with a view toward restoring the A-pillar trim to black, which I am quite sure was the factory hue for all NK interiors.  The paint went on smoothly with good coverage and now the car has yet another element of its original interior.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Mistaken Project / Great New Look

Yesterday I repainted my rear parcel shelf to black, thinking that was the factory colour. Well... as they say, "Oops." It's been pointed out to me that the shelf colours were coordinated with the rest of each car's interior hue. So I am now searching for some braun vinyl paint to correct my egregious, if forgivable error.

Live, learn, and move on.

At least I didn't make a mistake when I ordered the NOS beauty rings, which I quickly added to my steelies, and then proudly posed the car for a blog cover photo highlighting the new look.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Rattle Be Gone!

My drivers side window had been rattling ever since I bought the car.  I got some advice from an expert, who suggested changing the outer chrome window trim on the door. The rubber that protects the inside of the door from rain had pretty much worn out and no longer rested against the window. According to this theory the window itself, no longer held firmly in place, might be subject to rattling.

Well, something was making the thing rattle. The only times it was quiet was when the window was either fully closed or fully open.

The first problem was to remove the piece. Turned out a plastic snow scraper, wedged underneath the chrome trim, could be whacked with a hammer to lift it off.

And so I removed the trim. Metal clips inside on the door seam held the trim firmly.

But, when examining the new item I bought from BMW, I discovered that it had a felt insert that prevented the chrome from sliding back into the seam.

Using the same snow scraper, this time placed on top of the trim piece, I whacked hard and it slowly dropped into place.

No more rattling window when I close the door or when I'm driving with it half-open, and no more jokes about rattle-trap old cars when cynical passengers acoompany me for a ride.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Grill replaced

Last year I had an unfortuante meeting with an SUV parked in front of me on a dark street.  My car rolled gently into the back of the other vehicle after I engaged the clutch while fumbling to get the key in the ignition, resulting in a dented grill.

I made several attempts to buy another grill online but kept getting oubid on Ebay. I finally found one at a reasonable price through the ever-helpful FAQ forum.

Best of all, it's the 10-slat version, which would have been the type originally installed on my car.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

New Motor Mount

A lot of people end up changing the entire front subframe to that of a 2002 when they discover that their old drivers side motor mount looks like this.

As my old mount sagged, it caused the engine to shift and sag with it. BMW doesn't make the old, poorly designed specimen anymore; I don't blame them.

 Fortunately Ireland Engineering did a run of urethane motor mounts. They still had a few of them in stock and so I was able to grab one. 

With the new mount there's a bit more engine noise and vibration when the car runs but the peace of mind is worth it.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

A Dashing Panel

Many thanks to Daniel from the FAQer forum for sendng me this splendid under-dash panel! They have been NLA forever. Why and when mine was removed from the car is another great mystery.