Saturday, March 8, 2014

The Dimmer is Brightened

A few years ago I replaced the turn signal stalk. This made obvious the worn condition of the left side headlight dimmer switch knob.
Using a small bottle of high-gloss black craft paint I was able to bring back a shine to the dimmer knob. The knob unscrews for easy removal and painting with an artist brush.
Now the knob is as shiny as a morning daisy in the sun. Or something.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Alignment Specs and Steering Rehab

I had the wheels aligned yesterday, after putting new tires all around. (The old ones were eight years old.) Here are the specs:
The car drives straight as an arrow now and as an added bonus the steering wheel turns easier. The techs at the alignment shop took the car for a spin when they finished, an acitivity I managed to record from the garage waiting area.
The shiny new 185/70 tires - on stock steelies - look great, too.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

New Track Rod/Center Link

Yesterday, in need of distraction, I drove to Midnight Motorsport where Patrick was kind enough to replace the track rod on the car. I had noticed for some time that the steering creaked when turning the wheel to the left and a quick examination under the car revealed that the driver side joint in the track rod had lost its rubber seal, allowing water to get into the joint.
The old rod didn't take too much persuasion to break off the ties rods. The castellated nuts came off easily, and then a few well-placed taps of a hammer completed the task. The old rod was found to have lost all its rubber.
The grease on the driver's side joint was our attempt to mitigate further damage last year while I waited for the right time to replace the piece. The new track rod looks great and the difference in steering is quite astonishing, the feel is so tight.
Now the wheels must be aligned, after taking the steering apart. A small price to pay for such vast improvement.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Lessening Cabin Noise

While trying to lessen cabin noise I put carpet pads under the back seat, which helped, and also installed the shift tower insulation after discovering this:
Similar to a hole in the floor, you can actually see the road when you remove the shifter boot. The OE item was inexpensive but not quite a precise fit.
I'm not sure the cabin is quieter because of the insulation but I will have to drive the car further to really test the theory.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Defroster Vent Rides Again

This morning, on a day that dawned dreary, cold, and damp, I gave a couple of people a ride for fun. The passenger side winshield fogged as uaual, since the defroster vent has never worked. I thought, well, why not see what the problem is and fix the issue. It took a minute to realize that the hose from the heater box to the vent was missing. And I happened to have a couple of hoses, sent to me courtesy of Sr. Barbieri. So... maybe one of them would fit? Sure enough, one appeared to be the correct item and now I have stereo winshdield defrost action. Amazing.
It has a small dent in it but doesn't leak air.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Jack 'er Up

Got the car up on jackstands again today. Another great Christmas gift!

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas Comes to the Wheel Hub

I have to say I never much liked the brown vinyl of the steering wheel hub, especially since figuring out that the hub color had originally been black. Actually, a lot of the car's black vinyl had been placed with brown.
So I bought some acrylic paint and a small brush and set to rights this particular item.
I also discovered that the plastic pins which secure the hub in place can be removed and re-inserted, in order to more firmly hold the hub (it had been loose) to the wheel. So now the hub is more solidly secured than before, an unexpectd bonus.