Friday, September 2, 2011


A tool roll was part of the trunk accessories for the NK 2000, just as it was for the 2002.  I've never seen an original kit and many owners I know are not even aware that the roll existed. Undoubtably these items vanished quickly from the cars, falling prey to both sticky hands and absent-minded loss.

Naturally I wanted one.

It didn't take long to discover that Coupe King in California, the same folks who located the ultra-rare 9-prong turn signal relay for my car, reproduces and sells the vinyl roll.  I ascertained as well that the tools themselves are available on Ebay.  The proper individual Heyco tools sell for prices from mild to wild and I chose the cheapest offers.  I didn't quite buy everything that the kit contained; the tubular wrench seemed like something I'd never use.

Parts diagram

1) The original roll; the tubular wrench and warning triangle seemed like unnecessary expenses

2) My version

3) Tucked away neatly in the trunk; yes, I have to get rid of the old factory-installed foam that the jack lays on

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