Monday, August 15, 2011

The Dash Speaker

Of course the car was missing the cool Blaupunkt dash speaker when I bought it; I mean, who wouldn't remove such a masterpiece of high fidelity sound reproduction.

But once again I got lucky and found one through someone I met online.  For far less money than the high-end sellers of vintage car audio equipment ask for it.

1) The speaker with its intact wiring and clean look

2) The grill came out like a piece of cake

Under the grill rested a piece of mesh that looked vaguely like chicken wire; perhaps the inside of the dash once contained a mini-coop (bad pun).  Pulling it was touchy as the wires were prickly.

3) The wire mesh removed

I wondered if this was an original BMW piece but decided to replace the mesh as it protects the speaker and the cloth that covers it from random acts of disaster. 

4) The speaker, mounted on pressboard, fit snugly; this was the original deal

5) The chicken wire back in place

5) All back together

Now, of course, I have to hook up power to see if the radio works.

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