Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Bonnet Bumps

The rubber bump-stops at the rear of the hood frame were covered in numerous coats of craked and ugly overspray. I decided to remove the pieces from the car and clean them up with some low-impact, rubber-friendly paint stripper, after forgetting to take a pic of the the situation. The good news is, they cleaned up
nicely if not perfectly.

 I wonder if the bump stops were originally painted at the factory - there remained a coat of gray (Tampico?) on the underside of the beige respray.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Painted Black

For obscure reasons the paint on the gas pedal arm had worn off. Perhaps a Bigfoot used to own the car.
I crawled under the dash with a really small brush and an equally small amount of paint - the thought of spilling the stuff on my floor mats was enough to make me cringe - and redid the paint.
Not quite good as new, but better than before. I don't actually know if the pedals were painted black at the factory or by a PO, but it's useful to have them all look the same.