Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Bumper Seals Before (and After)

I lucked out and got a pair of original bumper seals from Tom, a nice guy I met virtually.  He lives on the East Coast but with the internet, who cares?  He sent me pictures before I committed to buy and they looked kind of forlorn.

1) The seals at their old home

I received them in the mail in due course.  Getting out my trusty brake cleaner I cleaned most of the old overspray that was on them.  A final coat of Armorall brought back some lustre.  I also fixed a small tear with epoxy. They still don't look like new but they're a lot better in their presence than they would be if they were absent.

2) Improved if not new

Now I have to put them on the car.  It never ends.


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