Tuesday, January 27, 2015

A Glovebox and its Liner

Every time I open the glovebox I am reminded a few issues. Mostly concerning the glovebox liner itself, which was horribly mutilated to accommodate the now useless stereo. And how I can't seem to find a proper liner to replace it.

One item I could rectify, however, was the condition of the lid liner. Although the the bright sun in the photo above masks the worn-out black liner, it looked terrible and was even coming unglued.

So I took out my bottle of black acrylic paint and with a small artist brush repainted the liner.  It came out nicely and presumably more like it looked when new.  A bit of expoxy and a small clamp took care of the loose fit.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Re-Stocking the Distributor

 When I bought the car it came with its original distributor, which I removed in order to upgrade to an electronic ignition system. Therefore the old unit soon departed the car.

And in went a brand new distributor, outfitted with the necessary components.

Now, fast forward a few years.  There I am, innocently drving around, when suddenly a distinct scraping sound begins to emit from the engine bay. I stop, and after a bit of feeling about, realize that the sound is coming from the distributor. I bring the car to Midnight Motorsport - along with the old distributor - and we conclude that the new unit is shot. Lots of play in the shaft, metal filings on the magnet, etc. etc.

A week or so later Patrick fiddled with my old Bosch distributor, trying to see if a Petronix electronic ignition would fit into it.  Now, Petronix reps had told me four years ago that their systems were not compatible with NK cars, but Patrick, after taking a week to think over the matter, managed to make the old distributor work with the Petronix.

Now I have it back in the car, a forty-eight year old piece of German engineering that has outlived its four year-old younger brother by a bunch of years and then some. And as a bonus, the old distributor is has a steel body, unlike the later 2002 varieties, which are made of aluminum.

So now my engine bay is closer to stock than ever. With the condenser still there but for decorative purposes only...