Monday, June 13, 2011

Stickers Galore

I received an envelope full of engine compartment stickers in the mail the other day. Having researched the issue I determined, as I've discussed previously on this blog, that sticker placement is an inexact science at best. And generally a crap shoot.

On the side of the engine I placed three of them, bearing in mind that I am still waiting for the fuse box sticker, which is coming from a different vendor.  Since it goes beside the fuse box I had to leave that space free.

1) Stickers for the battery, coolant, and on the right, "Use BMW parts" only

2) "Reifenluftdruck" or tire pressure sticker

A number of the stickers I got either didn't fit my car - like the one that suggested my tire size is 13" or the one that lists the functions of 12 fuses - so I put them on and sold them in about half an hour.

3) Stickers I didn't need - the blue thin one, for example is for the Tilux or TI brake booster only

I used for placement advice I saw online from people trying to figure out how to apply 2002 stickers. Hopefully the 2000 placement was similar.

The process was fun and made me think of my childhood and what may have been the first sticker I ever slapped on a flat surface.  In this case it came from a box of cereal and I remember thinking, wow, this is so neat I should put it on my bed.

And so I did.

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