Tuesday, June 28, 2011


One thing was clear; the "protective cap" that covers the e-brake assembly was done and dead.  The issue had been nagging at me for some time when I discovered a solution.

The original cap was NLA and I probably wasn't going to find one.

1) The original cap, in need of burial

At least that's what the Germans told me at Walloth and Nesch.  I did some research online and saw at realOEM.com that the same cap that fits the 2002 - and readily available at a reasonable price - would fit my car.  My car's schematic even showed the part number for the '02 version - 34411101501- as the one to use. However, the actual drawing was of an old-style cover. Weird but normal.

I took a chance and ordered one.  To take off the old cap and install the new one took about thirty seconds, as soon as I determined that I should move the front seats as far forward as they go, for easier access from the rear.

2) New cover installed

A quick shot of Armorall to inhibit wear and deterioration completed the job.  I then tested the e-brake lever and saw that the cover works fine.  Now I have to clean the metal trim on the front seats and get rid of that dust I never noticed before. 

It's true, the old protective cap had a more decorative style but I'd rather have a new one that doesn't look like my dog used it for a chew toy.

3) The old cover, out of gas on the concrete. Too bad the POs didn't use Armorall, too

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