Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Last of the Stickers

The final sticker arrived today from Walloth & Nesch in Germany.  This was, in a sense, the most important decal of all, since this one describes the function of each fuse.  Next time I blow one I won't have to fish out the owners manual to determine what device or motor or gremlin in the car shorted itself into electrical oblivion.
The sticker from Germany, safely applied to the fender.  This was the only way to make it fit and I wonder how the decal was originally placed... Note the fuse box to the left. The plastic cover is still clear after 44 years (and some soap). The oil-change advice is also handy to look at

The amount of 20/20 hindsight the sticker geneartes will be easily worth the price of shipping.

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