Monday, June 6, 2011

Sticker Surprise

I found a very old sticker from the engine compartment of the car when I first opened what appeared to be the original owner's manual holder. 

1) Original owner's manual holder -- genuine plastic, a real gem

The decal has a big Vorsicht! on it (Caution!) and warns about the operating temperature of the radiator water - 90 degrees C.

2) Detail of the sticker

Recently I decided to surf the web to see if I could figure out where in the engine compartment it belongs. I couldn't find any sign of the sticker online and perhaps too much time has passed for anyone to remember that such a decal existed.  But I did see on a discussion about sticker locations in the 2002. The consensus here was that where they put it during assembly of the vehicle, on the old BMW assembly line, depended largely on the mood of the factory workers doing the placing!

Someone in the forum recommended that people check Walloth & Nesch, a parts supplier in Germany.  I did so and was very pleasantly surprised to find that that the company sells the fuse box sticker that details the function of each fuse.

4) Fuse box sticker, also with motor oil instructions

I ordered one right away and am waiting for it to show up in the mail, one of my favorite hobbies.

Meanwhile, I still had to place the coolant sticker.  I ended up guessing that it would look good near the radiator, not a far-fetched thought.

So I got out my trusty 3M spray adhesive and squirted some on the backside of the sticker, after cleaning a spot on top of the engine compartment.

5) The glue dries for a few minutes  

Now it  was time to take the plunge and put the decal on the car.

6) This seemed like a good spot
Of course afterward I noted form the 02 forum that on the 2002 the coolant sticker was usually placed on the other side of the engine.  Oh, well.

And now that I think about it, the decal could have come from another car altogether and that's why it was languishing inside the owners manual and not already affixed to the car.

But when I get the fuse box sticker, I'll know enough to place it by the fuse box.
Post Script:

A knowledgeable person has told me that this red decal is the Holy Grail of vintage BMW stickers. Very rare, and he said he had heard about it but never seen one.  I shot some high resolution photos and he is going to try to reproduce the sticker to use in his own car.

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