Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Four Rings to Rule Us All: Part II

My new hubcaps arrived yesterday and I tore open the box.  After a first look I was left underwhelmed.

1) Lined up like ducks in a row

One of them was quite nice, two had terrible oxidation, and the fourth looked rusty.  Well, what did I expect.  These items are very rare. 

I set about to polish the ones that had oxidized.  This took a long, long time, even after I went to a local autmotive store in search of a golden fleece, er, magic chrome polish. Neither product exists, except perhaps in a random dreamworld.

But lots of elbow grease with regular chrome polish did give me good results. Each hubcap required at least an hour's worth of scrubbing.

2) One of the hubcaps, half-way through cleaning.  You can see the right side now looks better.  Luckily I also ordered new center decals, which nicely freshened the BMW logo upon application

Remaining in my natural state of impatience, I decided to mount the hubcaps/rings after finishing the centers. To polish the outer rings themselves will require a lot more work; this I will accomplish in my spare time.

I have to admit, the car looks way cool with its new look.  All in all I don't mind having to do the polishing.

4) In the driveway between rain showers

Best of all, I can forget about sandblasting the wheel rims for a while, and also sell my old hubcaps, which are in mint condition.

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