Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Shining

The anodized trim on my driver's door had its shine removed at some point and looked terrible.

1) The driver's door trim piece

After consulting with the kind people at http://02forum.co.uk/, I had some choices to make. The first was to acquire a new piece of the trim. A look on German ebay and I found one, but the shipping costs were prohibitive. The trim itself was selling for 29 Euros but the vendor wanted 35 Euros to mail the item to the USA.  Yikes!

My online advisers also suggested I might find a reliable metal polish product and have a go with it.  So I went to my local auto supply store and found something called, generically enough, "Never-Dull."  I applied and buffed the stuff twice.  The whole process took twenty minutes and the results were about 80% satisfactory.

2,3) After the buff

So I'll save some money and keep with what I have done. The car looks a lot better and the total expenditure was $4.37.

Still... the thought of a brand new NOS trim piece is tempting.  Maybe I should start buying lottery tickets.

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