Thursday, March 24, 2011

Don't Turn the Heat On When the Car is Cold

My owner's manual has a very interesting, if a bit run-on, sentence:

1) The manual. I guess arrows and curly-cues are supposed to distract you from the bad news

"Warning!  When the heater is switched on the second or fast blower speed should not be used until the indicator on the radiator thermometer gauge is within the white section of the dial."

What does that mean?  I can't blast the heat until the car warms up?  Who's idea was that?  Especially in a country like Germany, which is not exactly known for its tropical climate.

2) The heater controls -better keep the top lever away from the right hand side if you plan to engage the fan on "high"

3) The offending fan switch; bad enough that it's under the dash.  Locating the device and using it is akin to texting while driving (TWD)

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