Saturday, March 26, 2011


The very first time I watched the car being fired up by the previous owner, I looked underneath and saw that exhaust was pouring out of the joint between the forward muffler or resonator and the pipe that leads back to the rear muffler. The car sounded somewhat like my brother's old 30' Lyman twin V-8 wooden motor boat.

1) The Lyman in dry-dock; my 2000, with its failed exhaust system, sounded just like the boat

That wasn't going to remain satisfactory. I started making phone calls and was pleasantly surprised that the exhaust parts I needed were both available and inexpensive.

From an East Coast vendor I acquired new mufflers and La Jolla Independent in California provided me with the necessary tail pipe pieces. Best of all, they had the NLA chrome tip for the exhaust pipe. Now I was going to be styling, and after installation the car sounded like a cheetah, gently purring after sating itself with fresh meat.

2) The NOS chrome-tipped tail pipe and rear muffler

3) View of the resonator or "front" muffler. No rust underneath... 

4) Where the exhaust pipe connects to the rear muffler

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