Saturday, February 7, 2015

The Other Door Switch

Having already replaced the door contact switch on the passenger side, I decided to have a look at the driver's side and see what kind of shape that switch might be in. I mean, since an NLA switch could be had online for $3.95, what was the downside?  I found this.

Clearly, an abundance of overspray at some time in the past had rendered the ground inoperable so a PO had rigged bare copper wires as an easy fix. Not acceptable.

I quickly bought the new switch - which I wasn't sure I could even get until I looked - and put it in, after a little shine of the aluminum casing with 0000 steel wool.

It's a bit of an archeological dig when I start taking bits apart on the doors, as I discover the various layers of prior resprays and under all the paint, the original Tampico color.  And I have to wonder if the machine screw is original or a hardware store replacement.

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