Thursday, February 12, 2015


Naturally I was happy when I bought the car to see that it came with an original vintage BMW key.

However, there was only the one key so I immediately tried to make a copy. All I could find was a Volkswagen-type key blank that was similiar enough to work. But it didn't work well and I never used it unless necessary as I didn't want to damage the tumblers in the igintion.

Recently I saw on a key blank for sale that looked like it would work. Total cost for getting it here was 11 Euros so I figured I would take a chance.  Sure enough, I was in luck, and now I have a proper spare key. It was difficult to find a shop that would cut this key since it's magnetic and requires a special machine to cut, but I found a kiosk in a local shopping center that had the right equipment.

Perhaps my imagination is to blame but the new key seems to work better than the original! 

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