Monday, January 9, 2012

Driving a Cabriolet in the Cook Islands

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The New Year found me in Aitutaki, and I couldn't resist the opportunity to tool about in a Cabriolet.

Regrettably it wasn't a Bimmer.

1) A real cabriolet, the Nissan March

No it wasn't much good, and yes, the suspension was shot at 80,000 kms.  At least the thing got around 15 km. per liter.

2) Parked at the site of a marae, well inland and jungle-bound

While on the island we experienced a storm with winds in excess of 100 kms. per hour and the rain, which came down sideways in great sheets, poured through the canvas roof and drenched the car, which smelled forever more like mold until we left it at the airstrip at the end of the trip, with its key in the ignition for the owner to retrieve.

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