Saturday, January 21, 2012

Another Fastener Fastened

When I installed my Euro headlight grills it turned out I was short a fastener.  Not a tremendous issue, but as long as I had an new order with W&N for the hood insulation I figured, why not stock up on some small parts at the same time. So I ordered grill fasteners.

1) The hole with the missing screw

Curiously, the new ones I received came with brackets slightly smaller than the one pictured here, which is used on one of the old fasteners.


2) One of the old fasteners with original bracket

And so I was not able to slide the bracket over the sheet metal.  Nothing to get bent out of shape about, pardon the pun.  The new screw went in tightly and the combo works fine.

3) The new fastener and smaller bracket

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  1. I restored an old Nissan Cherry last year, I know I know "what's the point" but I wanted something that it wouldn't really matter if I messed up. Had never tried a real restoration before but I think I did okay besides the lacquer and paintwork. The main issue I hit was the availability of fixtures and fasteners, I had to find similar and suitable replacements from EJOT but it was such a nightmare. Why don't every car manufacturer operate a corner store with all their parts for every model, ever? Can't be that hard, right...?