Friday, September 4, 2015

Door Trim

The outer door trim on three of the four doors had lost most of their the rubber seals, so I ordered new pieces and got to work. Below are the tools I used. Note the position of the wood; that's exactly how I placed it before hammering the chrome into place.

By placing the flat end of the plastic putty knife under the chrome and hammering, a few whacks were enough to remove the old trim.

Other than a few spots that had lost the black paint that lies below the current respray, the door flanges presented nicely. I touched up the spots and also removed the clips that had served to hold the original chrome tips (the new ones have a felt inlay and so fit snugly without these clips).

The old pieces had seen better days, too.

The new chrome was very reluctant to sit over the flange so this is where the wood came in handy. By laying it flat over the chrome and hitting it with force I was able to snug down the chrome strips nicely. They won't be going anywhere soon.

Both right front and left rear doors are done.

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