Sunday, August 23, 2015

The Snorkel Solution

After obtaining a stock paper air hose and smaller hoses to fix it to the heat shield and snorkel - thanks to my local BMW dealer and - I was presented with a dilemma.  Getting the air hose on the heat shield was easy but how to manage the strange installation to the snorkel?  The factory installation had the small rubber hose stretched over the much larger-diameter air hose.

While taking some time to think I installed the paper hose simply by inserting it over the rubber piece already mounted on the flange on the snorkel. But of course this did not look right.

Finally the solution turned out to be less difficult than I assumed. I pulled the paper hose off the snorkel, peeled back the small rubber hose over itself on the flange, inserted the paper hose back over the flange, and then unpeeled the rubber hose, so to speak, and it popped right over the paper hose. Perhaps not as glamorous as the original factory installation but at least the assembly now looks more correct.


  1. I have a 67' BMW 2000 and I am actually missing this part. I'd really like to find it.

    1. I got this from Leo at After I bought it the listing disappeared but you never know, maybe he has another one. Wouldn't hurt to ask...