Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Proper Pedals on the Metals

When I first acquired the car it had the most peculiar gas pedal which, as an unwanted bonus, would fall off every couple of miles or jam the lever and rev the engine on occasions decided only by itself.

1) The old gas pedal in place on the car - note that it doesn't properly fit the knobs at its base. This pic was taken before I refinished the wood dash

The clutch pedal also had torn and for a time I continued to use it, too, after applying glue so that it wouldn't fall off, either.  The problem is not really noticeable in the above pic, but believe me, the situation was dire.

2) Old clutch pedal, sporting a coat of glue.  You can see that the flange is torn at the bottom

I got sick of this configuration fast.  Especially unnerving was the gas pedal.

3) The former gas pedal, mercifully removed

I have no idea from what car this accelerator pedal was taken.  Written in relief on the back is "115 49 49 4 3901 BMW" and also "metalastik."  If anyone has a hint of what car this thing fits, please let me know; I would be happy to sell it cheap.  Weirdly, the pedal seems almost new.

I fished around the internet and discovered that the clutch/brake pedals were identical and cost under $10 for a pair, new.  I also found the proper gas pedal, again new, at a reasonable price.

4) Fresh pedals, installed all around

As can be seen in the pic below, the gas pedal requires an e-clip to prevent the rubber cylinder from sliding off the lever (the old pedal lacked one).  In one of life's stranger moments, just as that thought completed formation in my brain, I glanced at the transmission hump and resting quietly on top of the carpet was the clip! Instant kharma or something.

5) The magic e-clip, firmly installed at the end of the lever

So now I have nothing to contend with except the dirt and fir needles that get into the car from driving around the Puget Sound area.

POST SCRIPT: I finally found out what car that gas pedal fits - an e12 or similar  - but now I forget.

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