Thursday, May 26, 2011

Four Rings to Rule Us All

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After scouring pictures of other BMWs of the same model I began to notice that the best ones had hubcaps that looked a lot better than what I have. I have mentioned the "black hole" wheel rims elsewhere on this blog.

1) The left rear wheel cringes upon direct exposure to sunlight

One of the vendors I have been using - who shall remain nameless - told me he could order wheel rings that would fit my car and thereby provide an easier way to rectify the situation than by having the rims sandlblasted.

I ordered four rings and waited for the courier to deliver yet another package.  It turned up on my front door and I was ecstatic.  Eagerly did I rip the contents open and begin the process of making the car sparkle.

2) Still in its plastic cover, one of the rings quivers with anticipation

As I brought the rings to the car I looked at the inside diameter.  It looked suspiciously small.  Which, of course, it was.

3) Oops

I called my friendly vendor who explained that these rings actually came from an early Bavaria.  I sighed.  In the sixties BMW never ever made accessories, at least not usually, that you could take from one model and put on another.  I explained this to the sales guy and visualized him scratching his head in wonder.

But all was not lost. I sent the rings back in the same box the next day and the guy who sold them to me promised to find the correct items. 

And so the story ends for now... to be continued later

POST SCRIPT:  Just found the correct hubcaps, to be installed as soon as I receive them. Stay tuned.

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