Sunday, November 16, 2014

Armrests Regrouped

Broken lower armrests are a common feature in these cars. I am not really clear on why this would be but I see evidence of the problem frequently in pictures online.  Here is what the result looks like:

Surprisingly these plastic lower rests are still available in Europe, although not in the braun color of my interior. It's an easy matter to spray paint them to the correct tint with Rustoleum rattle-can paint, however.  I found the exact color match by buying a bunch of cans in a local big-box store and taking them out to the parking lot to match the color on the can to the interior upholstery. Last step was to immediately return for refund the examples I didn't need.

I have replaced the armrests on both sides. Wresting the arm rests apart demands patience; they are secured with odd metal flanges on the top sections that slide into slotted holes built into the bottom pieces.

One more fix to cross off the list and forget about.

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