Thursday, August 15, 2013

Stripping a Wheel by Hand

My wheels are painted black, miniature black hole approximations:
In a fit of experimental play I thought, why not take the spare tire and strip the paint off it. How hard could that be. Well, it appears that the tire was originally painted silver before it was black, and as a result I had to spray the paint stripper three times in total, an hour for each application, to remove the layers. Here's the first attempt, followed by the second. Someone mentioned I may have the rare factory silver paint on my wheels but I don't see any way to save it.
Now what? I suppose I have to buy some spray paint. Good thing no one ever sees this wheel. I wouldn't want to spend five or six hours on a project that's publicly visible. Looks kind of cool, at least.
Finally, for the moment, here's how it looks with a couple of coats of Krylon gray primer. The camera seems to give the color a bluish tint, not that it matters since I still have to paint it.

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