Monday, July 16, 2012

More Rubber Stops

The small, adjustable rubber stops that screw into either side of the front fender help the hood remain firmly in place when closed. I'd gotten tired of looking at the old ones, crunched and oversprayed. So I bought a couple of these on ebay.

Even though the part number shows that they fit my car, they do not, as the original ones, which must be NLA, had a single raised edge on top, while these have a round surface. If you install them and close the hood, the edge of the hood rests on them and therefore does not properly seal. So I cut the tops in half with an Exacto knife, and the new rubber stops function perfectly, their height precisely the same. Below is a pic of one of the new stops installed, with the old mangled version beside it.

Not quite stock but close enough for my sometimes undiscriminating taste.

UPDATE Februaray 2015

Thanks to a kind soul from Yorkshire, who lives near my old haunt of Scapegoat Hill, I now have original, stock buffers. Funny how the past never really goes away.

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  1. i think it was wrong cuting rubbers.they bolt to the right high clocwise