Friday, March 16, 2012

Changing the Oil Filter Flange - An Idea Whose Time Has Come?

The mystery of my current old-style oil filter flange continues. Despite replacing every gasket within shouting distance the unit began to leak. Why this is so remains a mystery; perhaps the old housing was damaged, perhaps the old paper gasket in the track on top was not sufficiently removed.

The guys at my garage were able, in the end, to stop the leaks and re-install the now-obsolete flange.

1) Old style of flange with colorful red housing for the insert

So I might buy a 2002-type flange for a few dollars and think about installing it the next time I change the oil.

I have been told there won't be enough clearance between the battery and the cartridge filter. We'll see. Since I just had the oil changed last week I probably won't know for a few months. The car is mostly stuck in the garage during Seattle's never-ending spring rains and I am not driving much.

I do prefer the older version of the filter flange; it's original to the car and I'd rather keep the car as it was manufactured.

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