Monday, July 25, 2011

Concours d'Elegance, Seattle

Yesterday we took the 2000 to its first car show, about 30 miles from where we live to the sprawling suburb of Renton.  The event was sponsored by the local BMW Car CLub chapter and a lot of cars showed up.

1) The registration booth

Not a cloud marred the bright blue sky and the day proved to be the best of the year for Puget Sound. The vehicles seemed to gleam in thanks. I know I did.

2) Walking in back of the vintage cars. Ours is in between the Chamonix coupe and the Ceylon '02

3) Our car with the only other 2000 at the show - a white CS: Photo by Diana

There were a few really rare models.

4) A 507 from the 1950s

5) The interior of a Bristol, an English car derived from pre-war BMW design.  Note the avionic look to the dash; you can even adjust fuel/air mixture

6) Checking out the Bristol with its owner, Tom: Photo by Diana

Both Diana and I admired the 1600 convertible, even if such a car isn't really practical in Seattle.

7) A nice cockpit

Not far from the car show a local festival was in full swing, and we even got the chance to have lunch with some friends.

8) Diana feeds the goats

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