Friday, April 8, 2011

The Five Minute / Five Dollar Sun Visor Clip Fix

Frankly, I never would have thought you could fix anything on the car for five dollars, much less do it in five mintues.  But I did find one problem  solvable with an elegant and cheap solution.

I had a bad sun visor clip.  It was original to the car; the other one had already been replaced.

1) Busted and broken clip

The problem was worsened by the fact that every time I got into the car I couldn't help but notice the thing, staring at me as if to say, "Hi, buddy.  Don't let me rain on your parade but I'm bad."

Of course the clips for the 2000 are NLA but with a little bit of persuasion the 2002 version can be made to work. The easiest way to accomplish the fit is to replace the original screws with ones of smaller diamater and hold the clip parallel in place properly while you screw them in.  The smaller fasteners allow for greater leeway in positioning.

I ordered a clip online - $5 cost - and when it arrived a few days later I simply unscrewed the broken one, gave it a decent burial, and fastened in the new clip.

2) New clip now matches the other (at left)

While I was on the subject I changed all four clip fasteners from rusty zinc to stainless.

Now that the clips look good, the headliner looks bad. Maybe for another $5 I can fix that (while pigs fly over my house).

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